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Touch Points (true stories)


Missed Opportunity

In the early 80's (at Commodore) we were always entertaining wares from different companies.  For several weeks we entertained various storage devices.  Some devices were strange like a spiral drive (like a phonograph) and a weird tape mechanism.  One meeting I remember vividly:  Phillips showed up with a unique device with really cool high-density media.  It was an early CDROM drive!  The meeting didn't last long since the device couldn't record.  The poor folks from Phillips were escorted out!  I wish I had the business savvy to escort them out myself and cut them a check on the spot.  Hindsight is always 20/20.



In the early 90's I visited Microsoft with some big brass from Computer Associates.  CA was an early adopter of a new technology called Object Linking and Embedding (OLE).   During the meeting Steve Balmer kept pronouncing it O-L-E (fully saying each letter)!  One by one I listened as each exec painfully uttered each letter...  I had enough so I started saying OLE (like OLÉ).  After several minutes even Balmer succumbed!  So I coined the pronunciation of  OLE.


Server Side Scripting

Around the 1994-1995 timeframe, I started evaluating Microsoft's new web server framework called Internet Information Server (IIS).  I made my way through each sample and after I was done I thought it was an adequate framework.  And then a light bulb lit in my mind.  We have recently licensed a embedded basic language for use in our products.  Eureka - I would integrate Softbridge Basic Language into IIS via ISAPI.  I had a prototype working in several days.  Several minor problems remained so I called Microsoft Premier support.  Funny - during the conversation the support engineer was so intrigued with my idea and he asked me whether  I would mind having a tele-conference the next day with a number of Microsoft developers.  Wow - an interested party!  Since I couldn't drum up any interest with the Softbridge folks - I said sure!  Perhaps I'm the actual inventor of Active Server Pages (ASP)!


Last modified: May 04, 2007