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"Your professionalism, and certainly your understanding of our project and especially your attention to our security concerns, concerns that had not been addressed by others, was especially beneficial.   It is with the deepest sense of appreciation and thanks, for your commitment and the results achieved, with regard to the software project you recently undertook for us."

Robert J. Capone

CEO, Blue White Scholarship Fund



"His technical skill sets are through the roof.  I rate him one of the best, if not the best, technical person I have worked with in 20 some years of doing this type of work.  David is serious, a leader, a teacher but also one of the team.  His strengths were his professionalism, his knowledge base, and his skill sets that touched just about every facet of IT."

Jack Dougherty

Manager, Charming Shoppes, Inc.



"I have had the opportunity to know Dave for 15 years.  He is an outstanding

individual as well as a gifted technologist.  Dave is one of the very few

people who can engineer solutions quickly, thoroughly and with a high degree

of quality.  He is also an outstanding leader and mentor."

Richard Genzer

Management Consultant and past CTO of Reality Online, 

InteliHealth and The Network Connection



"I have had the privilege to work with Dave Siracusa for over 7 years.  If I

had to choose one word that epitomizes Dave, it has to be 'Quality'.  Quality

is factored into everything he does, from a high-level plan to the nuts and

bolts implementation.  I embraced Dave's guiding principles of quality years

ago and have delivered many successful software products as a result."

Shaun Connolly

Senior Product Manager - HP Bluestone and past VP of Development - Primavera




"Dave Siracusa, in his role as VP Architecture for Primavera was one of the smartest and hardest working developers I have known.  Always up on the latest technologies, Dave always had the right answer to get products shipped reliably.  Great judge of talent and a strong mentor to younger developers."

Dick Faris President, Project Management Division and co-founder Primavera Systems, Inc.


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